New Book!

I’m happy to announce a new cookbook for kids to be released November 2014. It is the perfect addition to A to Z Cookbook for Kids. This one will explain the colors of the food we eat and what they mean for our bodies. I’ve loved writing it. The recipes are so yummy and kids tested. The design and photos are fantastic. The children that prepared the recipes are adorable. My daughter Ashley Wick Huffaker, the best kids photographer was able to be involved in the project. She knows just how to get those cute smiles. I’m excited to share the new book with you. Here is the cover. colorfulcooking copy

Book signing at Dana Park

I had an amazing time at Barnes and Noble at Dana Park. I was able to do a cooking lesson for the kids. They were very little so it was a beginning lesson on food and tastes. I had pieces of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits for them to see, smell, and taste. Learning about sweet, sour, bitter. My good friend Cindy Standage a singer, song writer came by and bought some of my books. Fantastic to see her! She is a great inspiration of someone following her dreams. I also had a great time with a family. Linda was the mom and Elizabeth is the daughter. Here is a photo of Elizabeth and I. Elizabeth made sure to tell me she likes blue. I like it too. But you can see I’m wearing my favorite color red.
Blue Elizabeth

Ann Romney’s Book Signing Event

This was a great day. I went to Deseret Book to Ann Romneys book signing. The new Deseret Book store is amazing. Go see it if you are in Gilbert Arizona. When I arrived, I got in line right behind Erin and her Mom, Nancy. We just met for the first time. Erin is in 5th grade. She loves to read; she had her book with her. And she remembered me from the segment New Years Day, cooking with kids, on Fox Arizona. Had a good time visiting with them as we waited to see Ann Romney. I also saw some other friends. When I walked over to them, they were in front of my book on the store shelf. I pointed and told them, “thats my book.” How surprised they were. Ha, they had not seen it yet. Some people waiting in that section of the store overheard us and bought the book. I was happy to sign the copies.

When I met Ann, it went so fast, I didn’t get a photo with Ann Romeny. I must say Ann Romney is even more gracious and beautiful in person. I have one of Erin and Mrs. Romney. I have a fun photo of Erin and I right after I signed her copy of the A-Z book.

Book signing Romney Erin and IBook signing Ann Erin and Ann

Cooking tips for Kids and book signing

Will be at the Bread Basket, Catered by Ed

Come meet Ed the new owner. He is an interesting
guy from Chicago. The place is slowly becoming a Italian deli,
Ed is still making bread daily.

Of course come see me too. I’ll have some books and tips
for parents and Grandparents.

This will be so much fun!!

2820 E University Dr. Ste 110, Mesa

Here is a photo of me and some grandsons. Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Book signing

This year is starting out to be the best. I was on Fox Arizona with Rick and Andrea. I had fabulous 5 children helping me preparing recipes from the book. As soon as I get some photos, I’ll post some from the segment. It was silly and fun. Just my style. Thank you Fox Arizona!

I will be on Fox Arizona in February. We will have a fashion show with kids in aprons I’ve designed. I’ll give tips on styling your own aprons, or you can order them from me. Happy New Year!

Aprons, thoughts on talents, and being thankful.

I’m finally able to sew little girl aprons!! The designs are so much fun. For the future, I have some ideas for aprons that teach. That is to keep with my goal. Every thing teaches us something else. Its all connected. But for now,they are just good looking aprons.
These are typical girly aprons. I like classic styles so some look more plain but have a definite style to them. I have some other great designs for boys. I got my first order today. I’m very happy that someone else can enjoy it.
After writing this book and now having a vision for aprons, I have come to understand something new. God gives us talents. We use talents. Or we can pray for talents and they will come to us. Talents we haven’t even tapped on yet. We just need to take a step in faith. Even if the faith is very small. As we learn a new talent, our faith will grow and develop. Sometimes it is very hard and against our norm. Like someone like me sewing aprons. But with persistence, I did it. We can all do things we didn’t think we could do.
Ok, I admit, I didn’t do this alone. I used prayer and that makes it much easier to push ahead. I’d suggest parents teach children to pray. You will have the peace of mind that if you are not there, they have this ability to pray and not feel alone. Also pray and give thanks. It really does lift your mood to remember what you are thankful for. You will feel much happier as a parent when times are stressful.
I’m so grateful that I kept on with the sewing. I borrowed a machine and learned by watching videos on line. Also read a great beginning sewing book called “Simple Sewing” by Katie Lewis. Thank you Katie! Thank you April for the machine! And thank you Youtube! apronhat
Here is photo of some of the aprons and chef hats I’ve designed.