Fun Fun and more Fun!

I had an amazing time at the Draper, Utah Deseret Book October Event. This is the Robbin’s Family. Ages 3, 5, and 7 (almost 8) They will be cooking through the alphabet. I made lots of new friends. Shelly Locke was there. She speaks internationally about families and mothers. I also saw my good friend Cheryl Alder. She was in town for the LDS General Conference and came by to see me. Thanks to everyone that made this a great event!
Book signing Oct Kids - Version 3

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2 thoughts on “Fun Fun and more Fun!

  1. Colleen Goff

    It was really nice to meet you at the LaQuinta and your web page looks like you have a lot of fun in your life and a lot of things going on. I’m sure Kenley and Kanga could have a wonderful time cooking and playing together. My email is above if you ever want to stay in touch. Cheers! Colleen Goff

    1. Jacque Wick Post author

      Thank you Colleen. I will certainly stay in touch. Your granddaughter was darling. I’ll never forget her saying “Kanga was so cute, she could just cry.”
      Kids seem to like little Kanga, but I’ve never heard it put that way before. Best!


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