Ann Romney’s Book Signing Event

This was a great day. I went to Deseret Book to Ann Romneys book signing. The new Deseret Book store is amazing. Go see it if you are in Gilbert Arizona. When I arrived, I got in line right behind Erin and her Mom, Nancy. We just met for the first time. Erin is in 5th grade. She loves to read; she had her book with her. And she remembered me from the segment New Years Day, cooking with kids, on Fox Arizona. Had a good time visiting with them as we waited to see Ann Romney. I also saw some other friends. When I walked over to them, they were in front of my book on the store shelf. I pointed and told them, “thats my book.” How surprised they were. Ha, they had not seen it yet. Some people waiting in that section of the store overheard us and bought the book. I was happy to sign the copies.

When I met Ann, it went so fast, I didn’t get a photo with Ann Romeny. I must say Ann Romney is even more gracious and beautiful in person. I have one of Erin and Mrs. Romney. I have a fun photo of Erin and I right after I signed her copy of the A-Z book.

Book signing Romney Erin and IBook signing Ann Erin and Ann

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